Where We Focus

We help organisations build betterĀ  governance for the digital age and help them develop better cybersecurity governance. From data breach readiness, board policies, privacy policies to data governance models and understanding emerging technologies from Artificial Intelligence and robotics to blockchain.

Digital Intelligence

Our core competency is social engineering and digital counter-intelligence models. From training employees on cybersecurity to tracking and analysing attempts to steal intellectual property.

We Are Agnostic and Independent

We don’t sell, install, implement, promote, gussy-up, hustle or shindig for any particular vendor. We work entirely in your interests.

We Are Agile

You don’t have time to read 200 page documents or 90 slide-long presentations. We don’t like writing them. We use agile methodologies, design thinking and common sense. If you’d like to pay us to write very long documents, we can do that, but we charge extra for the required coffee.