Strategy. Purely strategy.

Competing today is not for the feint of heart. We focus on hardball strategy, while ensuring shareholder value and good corporate reputation. Most talk about “disruption” is bullshit.

Strategic Intelligence

To help inform our strategic advice, we use netnography combined with behavioural economics and design thinking. All of this comes together in an agile methodology…which means no massively long documents, but rather a clear, concise and highly actionable lean canvas strategy…that doesn’t end up collecting digital dust.

We know digital

In other words we know information technology, blockchain, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, DevOps, Big Data and so on. We’ve been in the technology world for over 25 years.

We Are Agile

You can pay for long engagements and really, really big documents and PowerPoints and lots of coffee. Or you can pay for informed, sharp insight that gives you agility to act.

Forward focused.

Tomorrow is the today you worried about yesterday. We help you focus, developing hardball strategies to out-manoeuvre your current and potential competitors, or of you prefer, disruptors.